Typica is a free cross-platform application for coffee roasters with features for recording your roasts, tracking green coffee inventory, product development, improving and monitoring production consistency, and more. The first public release was in 2007 and since then Typica has become a popular choice for professional roasters all over the world. The latest release is version 1.7.

You can use your choice of several different devices to connect your coffee roaster to a computer for use with Typica including the popular and affordable Phidgets 1048. If you've previously used similar software you might find that you already own hardware that works with Typica.

Typica uses PostgreSQL, the world's most advanced open source database, for data storage. Typica can communicate with a database running on the same computer as Typica, on another machine on your local network, or over the Internet. You can choose whichever makes the most sense for your business. Access your data through reports in Typica, with your own custom SQL queries, or from most popular spreadsheet applications.

Use advanced features like roast profile translation to roast coffee better and with better consistency. Typica has several features that you can use to quickly see what's happening in the roasting process and help you make appropriate decisions during your roasts.

While most programs that are intended to be used for recording data at a coffee roaster have a way to mark events of interest, Typica offers a broad range of annotation controls for either manual or automatic event logging. Choose the annotation controls that work best for your roaster and for the events you're interested in recording.

Powerful calibration options make it possible to use the same roasting plans on different coffee roasters. An essential feature for roasters who want to be able to develop their roasting plans on a smaller coffee roaster or for roasters upgrading to a larger machine.

Version 1.7 introduces new features for use in product development, quality assurance, certification audits, and more.

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