Upcoming Release

I'm currently working on developing Typica 2.0. This is effectively a complete rewrite of Typica to use newer language and library features which I had been warning would be needed for several years as it becomes increasingly difficult to develop software against older and unmaintained dependencies. This work is allowing me to add several features that have long been on my wish list while creating what I hope will be a sustainable foundation for future releases, however this work is still being done by one person without an adequate budget in terms of time or money and the work will go slowly as long as that continues to be true.

My current plan for the version 2.0 release is to provide a download for recent versions of Microsoft Windows and source code that can be compiled for use on other platforms. Most of the development and testing is happening on computers running various Linux distributions, so this should work well there. Notably absent is a Mac release, however that will change as soon as I am able to afford to buy a newer Mac for development and testing. Android and iOS releases may be possible in the future, however these have their own costs associated and are not currently a priority. I will be happy to accept any financial support for this work.

Notable Details

Typica 2.0 is currently developed against recent releases of the open source Qt 6 libraries with interfaces created with Qt Quick/QML. Windows are being reorganized to provide more features presented in an a way that is easier to understand.

In addition to using PostgreSQL for data storage, it will be possible to use SQLite instead. When choosing to use SQLite, you lose the ability to access data from multiple computers (I have some thoughts on removing that limitation but do not expect to have done so before the version 2.0 release) but you also don't need to install any additional software as everything needed for this can be built in to Typica directly. This will be an excellent option for many small coffee roasting companies and coffee roasting enthusiasts who have no need for networked database access. Additional storage options should be relatively easy to add later.

New ideas are being explored for optional signal processing capabilities with good results in testing so far. Additional tuning parameters allow for a more enjoyable coffee roasting experience and better batch to batch consistency when using less expensive data acquisition hardware.

Certain feature limitations in previous Typica releases are being relaxed, allowing old features to be used in new ways. This includes manual and multiple profile translation capabilities and a generalization of the multi-range timer which is now unified with other timing related features in a single display.

Previous Version

Typica 1.9.1 is still available, however I am no longer able to devote any time to that version and am unable to produce new releases based on the 1.x code. Bug reports and feature requests against that release will not be considered. If it works for you, great, but if you are not already using Typica, I would recommend choosing an alternative until Typica 2.0 is available as this version is quite old and you may experience issues attempting to use it on newer machines.

Documentation for Version 1.9.1

Typica supports a wide range of hardware and can be configured to support various approaches to coffee roasting. If you have questions about how to set up and use Typica, this is the place to start.