Typica: Software for Coffee Roasting Operations

Typica 1.9 Documentation

Effective use of Typica requires an understanding of what features exist and how these work. Here you can find resources that will help you make the most of Typica.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions. Please look to see if your question is answered here before asking the author.

Recommended Hardware

Typica can communicate with a broad range of hardware, but if you're looking to purchase new devices to use with Typica it's a good idea to use something that is already supported.

Setting Up Your Database

Many features in Typica require a PostgreSQL database. Fortunately, it's free and easy to set that up.

Roaster Configuration

A comprehensive guide to configuring Typica to work with your coffee roasters including information on which devices Typica is known to work with.


Typica features several built in reports that can be used to look up historical data and gain useful insights from different ways of aggregating, filtering, and viewing the records that Typica maintains.