Typica: Software for Coffee Roasting Operations

Latest Release

The latest release of Typica is version 1.9.1, released September 1, 2018. This is available for Windows and MacOS and source code is available to compile Typica on other platforms.

Typica 1.9.1 for MacOS

Typica 1.9.1 for Windows

Source code can be compiled for other platforms. This can be found on code.typica.us.

Support Ongoing Development

While Typica is free to download, use, and modify, there are still monetary costs associated with ongoing development and keeping the software available as well as a large amount of time required for development, testing, and responding to feature requests and other questions. There are also several features that would be widely useful that I have not been able to work on for lack of budget.

If you've found Typica useful, please consider a voluntary financial contribution in support of this work.

The form below can be used to pay whatever you think Typica is worth with your credit card.

If you'd prefer to pay by check, these can be sent to:

Neal Wilson
3306 Washington Ave.
Racine, WI 53405

Whichever you choose, thank you for your support.

Additional Software


Most features of Typica use PostgreSQL for data storage. If you only need to use Typica on a single computer, PostgreSQL can be installed on that computer. It is also possible to run a database on a computer on either your local network or on a machine available through the Internet. Any number of computers running Typica can connect to a single database.

Hardware Communications Libraries

Supported hardware from National Instruments, Phidgets Inc., and DATAQ Instruments require software from the device manufacturer for Typica to make use of it. Hardware that communicates using Modbus RTU does not require software specific to the device, but you may require a driver for the USB serial adapter used to connect to that.