About Neal Wilson, Author of Typica

Typica was designed and developed by Neal Wilson, coffee roaster and co-owner at Wilson's Coffee & Tea in Racine, Wisconsin. Neal has roasted professionally since the year 2000 when Wilson's Coffee & Tea (established 1991) expanded into roasting. Several issues including limitations of then-existing software combined to prompt the development of Typica as a replacement for increasingly inadequate paper based systems in 2007. Version 1.0 was released on June 21, 2008 as a free, open source application. There has been substantial ongoing development ever since including pioneering work on several features that help roasters improve the consistency of their work. Some of these features have since been incorporated into far more expensive competing software.

Neal has taught coffee roasting classes in Brazil, China, United Arab Emirates, and United States of America. He has also participated in developing classes, curriculum, and testing for the Specialty Coffee Association and the Coffee Roasters Guild.

Neal has traveled to several coffee growing countries for various purposes including visiting suppliers, competition judging, learning about production and export practices, and providing advice or training.

Through his YouTube channel, Neal provides advice on product development and coffee roasting to thousands of people around the world every month. This channel features some of the most watched coffee roasting videos on the Internet. Much of the material is geared toward professional audiences and several companies have incorporated these videos into their training programs. Much of this is now available on PeerTube where the videos are ad free and easier to download for offline viewing.

Neal has also written on a variety of coffee related topics for several trade publications.