Typica: Software for Coffee Roasting Operations

Recommended Hardware

Typica supports a broad range of hardware, not only for communicating with sensors in a coffee roaster, but also other devices that can simplify the use of Typica.

Temperature Measurements

For roasters that use thermocouples, currently the best value in terms of measurement quality for price are temperature sensors from Phidgets, Inc. The least expensive options are devices that connect to a VINT port which requires a VINT Hub Phidget and a cable to connect these. While Typica supports the newest Phidgets hardware, older devices are compatible with a broader range of competing software. If you're evaluating several software options, you may want to try the Phidgets 1048, which is only slightly more expensive and compatible with a broad range of programs intended for monitoring temperatures in a coffee roaster.

Typica also works with an RTD Phidget, but on roasters using RTDs it's usually a better idea to replace the panel display that's connected to with an equivalent model that can communicate using the Modbus RTU communication protocol. Most of these devices will require an RS-485 to USB serial adapter.


Typica can print tags that follow green or roasted coffee to improve traceability through the roasting process. These are designed for 58mm thermal receipt printers.

Barcode Scanners

The linear barcodes on batch tags are in CODE128C. These can be scanned by a broad range of barcode scanners. These devices appear to the computer as a keyboard that rapidly types a scanned code followed by the equivalent of the return key.


Typica can communicate with most scales that have a serial port and that are intended to work with simple line printers, but settings are known for the Adam PGL Series and the OHAUS Defender Series.

Degree of Roast Analyzers

While it is possible to type degree of roast measurements from any device that produces a numeric result, Typica can communicate over a network with the Javalytics JAV-RDA-D so you can run samples directly from Typica with the push of a button.