Typica: Software for Coffee Roasting Operations

Batch Log Report

The batch log is the main way to access data on prior roasts. It features several filtering options including a Search field which can be used to quickly find batches based on several criteria. Links in each entry bring up additional information about that batch. If a logging window is open, a button is available there to load that batch as a target roast profile for your next batch. While not connected to a coffee roaster it is still possible to bring up all measurement data collected during that batch.


Date Range

Several common date ranges are available from a drop down menu, or a custom range of dates can be selected.

Batch Type

You can choose to view only production roasts, only sample roasts, or all roasts.


You can filter displayed entries based on the approval status for the batch.


Search allows you to find batches based on who roasted the batch, the roasted coffee produced, the green coffee used, the machine the coffee was roasted on, the file ID for the batch, or any annotations associated with the batch.

Weight Unit

Weight measurements can be displayed in pounds or kilograms.

Displayed Data


The date and time when the batch was started.

File Numbers

The file ID for the batch.


The database user who created the entry.

Roasted Coffee

The name and ID of the roasted coffee item produced.


The amount of time that passed between the start and end of the batch.


The name of the machine used to roast the coffee.

Green Coffees

The name and ID of any green coffees that were used in this batch.

Green Weight

The weight of green coffee used in this batch.

Roasted Weight

The weight of roasted coffee produced.

Percent Weight Loss

Where G is the weight of green coffee used, R is the weight of roasted coffee produced, and L is the percent weight loss, L = (G-R)/G × 100%.

If a target weight loss was specified in a product specification for the roasted coffee, the color of this will change to indicate if this was in or out of specification and it is possible to hover the mouse over the value to see what the target weight loss was.

Batch Notes

Any annotations associated with the batch.

Specification Notes

Any notes supplied with the product specification for the roasted coffee at the time this batch was roasted.