Typica: Software for Coffee Roasting Operations

Current Inventory and Availability Projection Report

The Current Inventory and Availability Projection report is used to show how much of which unroasted coffees are currently available both by weight (in pounds or kilograms) and number of sacks, the average daily rate of use for that coffee, and the date that coffee is projected to be available through. Projections tend to become more accurate when there is more production data available on which to base that projection, though changes in demand (for exxample, a successful marketing campaign for a coffee or altering the components of a blend) can make this less accurate. The projected availability should always be treated as an estimate based on past use, not a guarantee of future use. Unit cost and the cost current inventory are also presented. At the bottom of the table is summary data showing the sum of current inventory and the sum cost of that inventory.

In addition to its use in purchase planning, the numbers in this report might also be useful for accounting purposes.


Sort Order

The table can be sorted by the name of the coffee, by current inventory either by weight or by the number of sacks (as sack weights are not the same for all coffees, these may result in different orderings), unit cost, stock cost, use rate, or projected availability. Ascending and descending orders are available for each of these.

Weight Unit

Weight data can be presented in pounds or kilograms. This also affects unit cost and use rate figures.