Typica: Software for Coffee Roasting Operations

Daily Production Report

The Daily Production report provides information on every batch of coffee roasted on a given date. This includes the time the batch was started, the machine used to roast that batch, the file ID associated with the batch, the weight of green coffee(s) used, which green coffee(s) were used, the roasted weight, the roasted coffee item, the percent mass loss, and the duration of the batch. Notes associated with the batch are presented and roasting data for any time with an annotation is also presented. If a product specification has been provided prior to roasting a given batch that includes a target mass loss, the color of that field will change to show if this value is in the specified range or not.

Below the data on each batch is a summary of how inventory has changed with the starting and ending inventory for each green coffee used, how much coffee was used that day, and a projected availability for that coffee.