Reminders Report

The Reminders report is unusual in that it allows you to set a number of reminders and then display each of these reminders along with progress toward some condition.

Clicking on New Reminder brings up the Edit Reminder window where you can specify a name for your new reminder and a description that can contain details on some task that should be performed. The Since field indicates the time from which to begin tracking progress toward a specified condition and there is a convenient button to set the current time. Condition can be roasted coffee production, a number of elapsed days, a number of batches roasted, or hours of roasting time. The Save button will add this to your reminders list.

Clicking an existing reminder will bring up the same window with all of the previously entered details. Recurring tasks can be reset by clicking Now to change the Since field to the current time and then clicking the Save button. It is also possible to edit any of the other details for that reminder. Tasks which are no longer required can be deleted from the reminders list by clicking the Delete button.