Typica: Software for Coffee Roasting Operations

Upcoming Classes

February 22–24 I'll be at The Lab - by Royal Coffee NY teaching the Coffee Buyers Pathway classes. This is a relatively new pathway program, taking some things that started out in the Roaster Pathway and expanding on those with an emphasis on how coffee contracts work and the tools and techniques available to align your coffee buying with your business goals.

The classes are offered online regularly, but if you're in the New Jersey area or want to visit this is an opportunity to take all of the classes over a 3 day period instead of spreading those out over a few months. That might make it easier to have all of the information fresh in your mind if you're planning on taking the online exam to get your Coffee Buyer level 1 certificate.

There's a lot of great material in these classes that can help small roasters understand how they can better plan their coffee purchases and production, knowledge that can help growing roasters understand the tools that are available to better manage inventory and cash flow, general knowledge that can help you better understand the supply chain and market dynamics, and a lot of practical knowledge that will help you buy coffee better.

Early bird pricing is available now. I think it gets more expensive if you sign up for it later this month so if this is something that you're interested in, sign up early to save.

I'm also available to teach at other certified labs anywhere in the world, so if you manage such a facility and would like to bring me out to teach coffee roasting, brewing, or buying classes, send an email and we can work something out. If you're looking to take classes at your local campus but would really like to have me as an instructor for that, feel free to pass along my contact information.