Roasting Schedule

At some roasting companies it makes a lot of sense to weigh several batches of green coffee prior to roasting. With the Roasting Schedule in Typica, you can enter batch data and print a tag that follows the green coffee. This tag contains the intended roasted coffee item, the weight and name of any green coffees used for that batch, the current date, any additional information that you might want to provide on the tag, and a barcode with the scheduled batch ID.

If batches are scheduled, a list of scheduled batches will be presented in the New Batch window. You can select coffees from this list or use a barcode scanner to quickly pull up the correct batch data.

Optional additional information entered when scheduling the roasts can be used to filter the list. You could have the list show only organic coffees and roast all of those consecutively. You could have batches scheduled for different roasting machines and have the station at each of these show only batches intended for that machine. This feature is available for whatever use you think might be appropriate in your business and if you don't need it, it's easy to ignore.

The barcode on tags can also be used in the batch details editor. If entering weight or degree of roast data at the roaster isn't practical, you can use this to look up a batch after roasting to enter that data at a different station.