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Presentation Slides — Coffee

Last night I gave a presentation for the Racine Garden Club. They wanted me to talk about coffee without giving me much in the way of additional focus so I decided to do something that is part history, part contemporary practices, part coffee tasting, and part answering whatever questions come up.

Slides presented for the Racine Garden Club on October 10, 2016.

The success of a presentation like this really depends on participation. My usual approach with something like this is to plan a talk that covers a lot of topics without going into a lot of depth on any of them, but then when questions come in I can spend more time going deeper into those topics that the audience expresses interest in. The Racine Garden Club did not disappoint and had many questions on a variety of coffee related topics.

Four coffees were served at different points in the presentation. First was an Ethiopian coffee, then a coffee from Java, a coffee from Costa Rica, and finally the same coffee from Costa Rica roasted differently. The idea is to highlight the different possibilities in the flavor of coffee and the impact of roasting.

This was also a good excuse to show photos from some of the trips that I've taken to different parts of the world and talk about all of the work done earlier in the supply chain.

Direct link to the presentation slides.