Typica: Software for Coffee Roasting Operations

Typica 1.9.0 Release Notes

Typica 1.9.0 is now available to download and it comes with some exciting new features.

Typica can now communicate with the Javalytics JAV-RDA-D degree of roast analyzer from Madison Instruments. You can use this to collect whole bean and/or ground color data. This type of data can be entered manually if you're using something else to measure that. This feature has resulted in changes to the New Batch window, the Roasting Specification Editor, and other areas where it makes sense to collect or reference color data. Database tables have also been extended as needed to support this feature and there is a new report showing aggregate degree of roast data by roasted coffee item which should be useful in setting degree of roast as part of a product specification.

A new roast scheduling feature allows entering initial batch data away from the roaster and looking up saved data from the New Batch window. When scheduling batches, it is possible to print a batch tag to go with the green coffee for that batch which can be scanned at the roaster to quickly look up the relevant batch data. A list of scheduled batches that have not been claimed by a roaster is also availale for those who do not want to print batch tags. Scheduled batches support arbitrary filters that can be used for several things like indicating which machine a batch is intended for so instances of Typica at different machines only show batches scheduled for that machine. It could also be used for things like showing only organic batches so these can be roasted consecutively. If you currently find yourself creating more than 2 New Batch windows at a time, roast scheduling may offer an easier work flow.

Expanding the initial navigation window horizontally reveals a new dashboard display that offers various small chunks of information. Think of them like miniature reports that you get to see whenever you start Typica. Continuing to expand the window will lay elements out horizontally in up to 5 columns provided you have a large enough screen. Current dashboard displays include reminders that are past or near due, scheduled roasts, production trends, latest batches, latest out of stock coffees, least available coffees, unused coffees, most roasted coffees, and least roasted coffees.

Reports now update themselves when data in the database changes. Reports also now all feature a copy of the Reports menu.

The Purchase Green Coffee window now prevents saving purchases without data in all required fields.

The Batch Data window now includes additional tabs for viewing profile data, editing batch data, and reprinting batch tags without the need to open additional windows. The buttons for opening windows that are no longer required have been removed and replaced with a search bar that can be used to look up other batches. The search bar can be used with a barcode scanner to enable lookup from batch tags for quickly entering roasted weight and color data at a station away from the roaster. Loading batch data as a target roast profile from this window is now faster.

Some bugs have been fixed and text that was previously untranslated is now translatable. Typica is available in English, German, and Turkish languages.

The minimum required version for PostgreSQL databases is now 9.4. The last time Typica's minimum version requirement changed, PostgreSQL 9.5 was already available so hopefully this does not affect anybody, but please double check this before attempting to use Typica 1.9.