Typica: Software for Coffee Roasting Operations

Improving Funding Transparency

2017 was a fantastic year regarding support for the ongoing development of Typica. Adding the ability to accept credit card payments on the site proved to be a good move as more money came in through this than I've ever received in any previous year. If it weren't for the fact that the computer I had been using to produce the Mac builds died and needed to be replaced I would have collected more than I spent. That has never happened before.

Today I added a new feature to the site. On some pages, including the main landing page for the site there's now an area at the top which shows the most recent month in which at least one person has contributed funds toward the ongoing development of Typica and the amount collected that month. It's slightly high as it doesn't take into consideration the card processing fees. This is updated automatically so it should always be up to date. As I'm typing this, it says that in January, 2018, $25.00 have been contributed. If you're reading this in March and it still says January, that would mean that nothing had come in during the months of February and March.

Here's how funding broke down in 2017

Month Amount Transactions
July, 2017 $50.00 1
August, 2017 $550.00 2
September, 2017 $600.00 2
October, 2017 $0.00 0
November, 2017 $310.00 3
December, 2017 $230.00 3

The smallest contribution was $10, the largest was $500. The most common contribution amount was $50.

Thanks to everybody who helped offset my development costs in 2017. It's incredibly helpful. If you'd like to help out this year, here's the form.