Typica: Software for Coffee Roasting Operations

Green Coffee Inventory Tracking

Sometimes I get email from people who are either entering fake or nonsensical data or people who are dealing with staff engaging in that kind of behavior. It should come as no surprise (and yet it seems to) that if you make up nonsense while doing data entry, reports generated based on that input will not be useful. Garbage in, garbage out.

In many cases this is because whoever is doing that data entry just dove into using Typica without reading the documentation, never really explored the various interfaces, and they're just trying to do what they need to do despite not really knowing what they're doing. Sometimes just doing whatever looks like things are working fine and it isn't until you go back and really start trying to use different reports that it becomes clear that you've messed up your data.

I've found that more people are willing to watch a video explaining how to do things in Typica than are willing to read the same in the documentation so to try to cut down on this sort of email, I've put together a new video that goes over the major data entry tasks related to green coffee inventory tracking in Typica. If you're doing data entry in a way that feels weird to you, watch this and see if there's an easier, more natural way to do whatever. Similarly, if your staff is having trouble understanding the importance of accurate and consistent data entry practices, have them watch this. Hopefully it helps.

As mentioned earlier, YouTube has recently announced changes that are likely to result in a massive purge of small channels from the YouTube Partner Program. My channel will also be affected by this unless videos on the channel are viewed for at least 19,081 minutes between February 7 (the 6th is the last day I have data on) and February 20 (when YouTube plans to throw smaller channels under the bus instead of addressing real problems on the platform). That's a lot for my channel, but over the past week I've seen a tremendous outpouring of support from all of you out there on the Internet. It could still go either way, but it no longer seems hopeless.

You can help save my channel by watching this and other videos. There are several playlists that you can check out with a couple different video series that I've done or by topic. There's also a 4 hour long video that's good for putting on in the background while doing other things. It's also a good idea to check on other channels that you enjoy. Some are in the same situation that I'm in where they have plenty of subscribers to survive the purge but not enough view time. Others have tons of view time with very few subscribers. I think these channels are where you find the best of YouTube and it would be a shame if this were the change that drives them away.

Another way to support your favorite small channels is sharing videos that you like on your web sites, relevant forums, and on your social media accounts.