Typica: Software for Coffee Roasting Operations

A New Home for Typica

When I started developing Typica I was just looking to create a tool that would make my work as a coffee roaster easier. It succeeded tremendously at that with immediate observable improvements and further measurable improvements to my work as I developed new features. By allowing myself to focus more on the coffee and less on the mechanics of record keeping I've become a better coffee roaster. But the decision to make the software freely available did so much more. It allowed other roasters all over the world to start using Typica and it started many conversations as roasters shared how they wanted to work and their ideas for ways that Typica could be improved. There are several features that have had a positive impact on my work that I may not have considered without those conversations. Now I'm taking the lessons learned from nearly a decade of work on Typica 1 and am trying to create Typica 2 as a foundation for work on new features that will make Typica more useful for the people and businesses already using it and hopefully create better tools for everybody.

Typica 2 logo

In addition to improving Typica itself, however, I think it's also important to improve the way Typica is presented. Most free software does not get a marketing budget and Typica is no exception to that, but I think it's time that the program has its own domain, a new site design, and improved documentation. In the near future I'll be working on migrating the download and documentation pages here, to typica.us and creating a new landing page so people can quickly see what makes Typica an excellent tool for coffee roasters to use right now. The site also features the new application logo that Typica 2 will use.

The old home for Typica included a blog link, which connected to posts with the typica tag on my tumblr account. I've decided that new Typica related posts will also live on typica.us where I'll have better control over how these things are presented. On my social media accounts I post whatever I feel like, but I know that many are really only interested in the stuff about coffee, technology, and the intersection of those topics. I'll try to stick with that theme here. There's an RSS feed that you can subscribe to and never miss a post.

Longer term, there are many things that I'll be working on. These include new tools as well as additional features for this site. I'll write about those later.