Typica: Software for Coffee Roasting Operations

Production Summary Report

The Production Summary report shows the number of pounds or kilograms of roasted coffee produced from how much unroasted coffee over how many batches in the reporting period. A daily summary is also provided.


Batch Type

This report can take into consideration only production roasts, only sample roasts, or all batches roasted.


It is possible to consider only batches that are approved, only batches that are not approved, or all batches regardless of approval status.

Date Range

Several common date ranges are available or a custom range can be selected.

Weight Unit

Weight data can be displayed in either pounds or kilograms.

Displayed Data


The date for a given row. This is a link which brings up the Daily Production report associated with that date where you can find more detailed information about each of the batches roasted on that date.


The number of batches roasted on that date which match the selected filters.

Unroasted Weight

The weight of green coffee used on that date in batches that match the selected filters.

Roasted Weight

The weight of roasted coffee produced from the green coffee in the previous column.